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Checklist For Your Visit

Bring all medications with you (or a list of your current medications and dosages)
Bring your insurance card or written authorization for a worker's compensation visit.
If you have a prescription drug plan that helps pay for your medications, obtain a copy of your 'formulary' (list of covered drugs), and bring it to every doctor visit. (You can obtain this list by calling the Customer Service phone number listed on the back of your prescription card.)
Bring the co-pay for your visit if you have health insurance. If you are not filing your visit on an approved health insurance plan, please bring full payment for the visit.
If you have seen any other doctor since your last visit in our office, our doctors will want to know what took place at that visit. Please call the doctor's office and request that they send us a copy of your notes, including any lab or other test results. (They may require your signature to do this. To save time, you may sign this release while you are still in the office any time you see another doctor.)