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Employee Assistance Programs

The most unique feature of the Piedmont Health Group Employee Assistance Programs is that we are a one-stop, three-dimensional service provider. We have a medical practice with twelve family physicians in four locations in the Greenwood area. They are capable of providing most of the health care needs of your organization, including the medical needs of your employees and their families.

We provide counseling services for personal mental health problems, as well as counseling mandated by the employer. Mandated counseling is offered for workplace related issues, drug or alcohol related issues, for compliance with DOT requirements, and other situations as needed.

The physicians of Piedmont Health Group have a particular interest in occupational health, and work closely with many of the employers in Greenwood. Our Occupational Health Services division works closely with our physicians to provide a package of services tailored to the diverse needs of each employer. Physician services are provided in our four offices, and include:

Evaluation of management of occupational injuries
Pre-employment examination
   Drug and alcohol testing
Company physicals (Basic, Executive, or specifically tailored physical examinations)
   Exercise stress tests
   Chest x-rays

Additional services provided at our fifth location, our Office for occupational Health Services / Clinical Counseling Services, include:

Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance issues
Occupational surveillance programs
   Audiometry / Hearing testing
Company random drug and alcohol testing programs
Individual drug and alcohol surveillance programs
Drug and alcohol training
Immunization and vaccination programs
Employee Assistance Programs

The Counseling Services Division of Piedmont Health Group is available to help enhance the performance and productivity of your workplace. Studies have shown that when employees and their families are getting their mental health needs met, employers experience a reduction in worker's tardiness, absenteeism, and Worker's Compensation expenditures. When companies become an EAP client, they make an invaluable investment in the lives and health of their employees, their families, and the community. The unresolved or unidentified emotional problems of employees' family members are an often overlooked factor affecting an employee's physical and emotional health, which in turn affects productivity. Our counseling services not only assist employees in imporving their lives, but help family members improving their lives as well.

Our clinical counselors and psychotherapists are trained to provide treatment for a variety of issues:

Depression   Anxiety
Low Self Esteem   Grief
Family/Relationship Problems   Stress
Parenting Issues   Personal Growth Issues
Communication Problems   Anger Management issues
Money Management Problems   Employer/Employee Relation Issues
Domestic Violence   Assessment and Referral Needs

Employers can also benefit from formal training in the areas of communication skills, stress management, alcohol and other drug use recognition, management / worker relations, co-worker relations, workplace violence, and critical incident stress debriefing, among others.

For questions regarding the establishment of an EAP service for your organization, please contact PHG Counseling Services at (864) 223-5111 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.