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Billing & Insurance Questions

Contacts for billing and insurance questions:

Piedmont Health Group

105 Little Mtn. Rd.
Ninety Six, S.C. 29666
Phone: (864) 943-4859
Fax: (864) 943-0718

Office Hours
8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Thursday
8:30am - 12:00pm Friday

Insurance/Billing Director:

Insurance Specialists:
Mary Lee

Does PHG participate with my insurance company?

PHG participates with the following insurance companies:
(We file claims with these carriers in most circumstances, including primary and secondary coverage.)

BCBS State Health Plan
BCBS Federal Employee Plans
BCBS Planned Administrators Inc
BCBS Preferred Blue
Blue Choice PPO
CHAMPUS Tricare Standard
CIGNA Healthcare PPN PPO
Community Health Partners CHP
First Health
Healthscope - SRH Employees
Select Health
Supermed Network
United Healthcare
Upper Savannah Health Services

What does it mean if you "participate" with my insurance?
If we participate with your insurance plan, we have signed a contract with your insurance carrier to provide services for a negotiated set fee. We will file a claim with your insurance company for all the services we provide. If our standard fee is higher than the negotiated fee, we will write off the difference. Most insurance companies pay 80% of the negotiated fee, leaving the patient responsible for the remaining 20% of the negotiated fee. (Percentages, deductibles, and copays may vary for some companies.)

Many health insurance plans that we participate with provide that the patient will pay a "copayment" at the time of service. Note that this is a contractual obligation for you to pay your copayment at the time you are seen, just as we are obligated to file your claim and accept the negotiated fee as payment in full for covered services. You must be prepared to make your copayment at the time of your visit.

Does my insurance plan cover wellness benefits (physical examinations, etc.)?
Refer to your plan benefits booklet to determine if your insurance will cover wellness benefits. Check with your employer's Human Resources office, or contact your insurance company directly, to determine what benefits are provided so you will know before your appointment what services are covered and what services you will be responsible for.

Why do I receive a bill from a laboratory if I had my blood drawn in my physician's office?
Our office collects blood or specimens and sends them to an outside lab to be analyzed. Piedmont Health Group bills for some of these services, and the laboratory bills directly for some of the services.

Does Piedmont Health Group file secondary insurance?
We file secondary insurance for those insurance companies that we have signed contracts with. We also file with all Medicare supplement policies.

Why do I receive a bill from a different office than my own physician's office?
Billing and insurance services for all five offices of Piedmont Health Group are processed from our central office. All questions should be directed to that office. Payments may be made in person at your regular office, but mailed payments are sent directly to the Tower Pointe Office.

Piedmont Health Group
Billing Department

105 Little Mtn. Rd.
Ninety Six, SC 29666
Phone: (864) 943-4859
Fax: (864) 943-0718