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Drug Testing from the Employee's Perspective

How Does the Drugscreen Process Work?
Drug Testing from the Employee's Perspective.

The purpose of all alcohol and drug testing programs is to help ensure a safe workplace by eliminating the presence of workers who are impaired due to alcohol or drug use. Maintaining a safe workplace is in the best interest of both the employer and the employees. You should expect to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.

Each urine drug screen that is collected at Piedmont Health Group is reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). This is a medical doctor with special training in the review of urine drug screens and drug use. It is his job to objectively review each urine drug screen and if there are any abnormalities or drugs detected, discuss it with the donor before the information about the urine drug screen is passed on to the employer.

Your employer has contracted with Piedmont Health Group to:

- Professionally collect a urine drug screen on their behalf.

- Assure proper security and chain of custody.

- Utilize a certified and reputable lab to test the urine drug screen with further confirmation tests if possible for any tested drug.

- Objectively review the data from collection stations and laboratory to ensure proper specimen identification.

- Discuss with the donor (you) any pertinent positive results to see if there is a "medically legitimate" reason for the test to be "positive" prior to releasing the results to the employer.

- After the donor has been contacted, the report is then released back to the employer.

Your employer has hired us to act on your behalf to protect your interests in the event that a positive test results from a legitimate use of medication. Positive tests with an adequate basis of "legitimate medical reasons" are reported to the employer as negative.

As part of the MRO process, we may need to contact you regarding your specimen one to three days after the collection. We may need to contact you to discuss the results and determine if there is a "legitimate" reason for a positive test. If we cannot reach you, we cannot help you. Therefore, it is important that you leave a phone number where you can be contacted. If we cannot contact you, the results will be passed on to the employer without the benefit of the MRO evaluating the circumstances to see if there is a "legitimate medical reason" for a positive result. The inability of the MRO to contact you will not be grounds for invalidating the test.

We realize that not everyone understands or agrees with this process. At this time, approximately 18% of all urine drug screens collected are positive. Basically, 85% of us have to put up with this process because of the actions of 15.

What To Expect During the Drugscreen Collection Process

- You must have one picture identification with you (e.g., drivers license).

- Fill in specific indicated areas of the Custody Control Form.

- Remove outer garments and wash hands. Pocket books or any form of baggage will not be allowed in the restroom.

- You will be provided privacy to obtain the urine sample. In some circumstances, a direct observed collection may be necessary. You will be made aware of this before the collection process begins. The observer will always be a person of the same gender as the donor.

- The amount of urine collected should be no less than one ounce. (45cc for DOT)

- Do not flush or wash. Take the urine out to the collector as soon as possible in order to get an accurate temperature reading.

- The urine will be placed in a shipping container and sealed in your presence.

- A seal with your initials and a matching number to the Custody Control Form will be placed over the lid of the shipping container and secured to the bottle. Be sure you compare the numbers on the seal and Custody Control Form.

- The shipping container will be placed in a bag and sealed.

- At this time you may discard the remainder of the urine, flush, and wash your hands.

- Sign on the Custody and Control Form after reading the statement indicated.

- You will be given a green copy to keep.

- Failure to cooperate with any of these steps will have the same consequences as a positive drug test.

- Be sure to retrieve your garments or baggage before leaving.