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Wheedling vs Discipline

July 16th, 2013

Several years ago, I asked around 500 people in Des Moines, "Raise your hand if your mom never yelled." About 300 hands went up. Then I asked, "Raise your hand if you're a mom with children living with you in the home and you've never yelled." Not one hand went up. They thought it was funny. It's not.

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About John

John Rosemond At present, John's nationally-syndicated parenting column appears weekly in more than 200 newspapers nationwide including The Charlotte Observer, Miami Herald, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hartford Courant, Omaha World-Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Raleigh News and Observer, Durham Herald, and Albuquerque Journal. "All the best papers," John remarks, noting that the way a newspaper earns the status of "best" is to run his column.

John is most definitely one of America's most popular speakers in the parenting field. In a given year, he gives more than 150 talks to parent and professional audiences all over the map. His talks are provocative, informative, and always entertaining. John promises that his audiences will laugh...a lot.

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