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Westside Office

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64% of women who die suddenly from coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms of the disease.

PHG - Westside Office

The Westside Office is located at 1228 Hwy. 72 West, just west of Corley's Grocery and next door to Carolina Allergy & Asthma. While we see patients from a wide area, our office is especially convenient to the west side of Greenwood, and Abbeville County. Our office manager is Judy Connell, a native of Greenwood.

The office is now staffed by Dr. Bryan Ellenberg, Dr. John Ergle, and Dr. Cara Friez. Dr. Ellenberg grew up in Ninety Six, and after he joined the practice in 1996, he saw patients in the Ninety Six Office until the new Westside Office was completed. The new office opened in June, 1997. Dr. Ellenberg moved from the Ninety Six Office and was joined one month later by Dr. Ergle. Dr. Friez joined the practice in November, 2000.

All three doctors are Board Certified in Family Medicine. Their practices encompass the full range of services typically provided by Family Physicians, including internal medicine, pediatric, and gynecologic services. In addition to seeing patients in their private practices, they provide a wide range of occupational health services.